About meDenis

My name is Denis Comtesse, and I’m a musician, composer and video game developer.

My main fields of activity are:

  • Game Development
  • Composition/Music Production
  • Programming
  • Sound Design


I have more than 15 years of experience in composition and music production. Over the years I have learnt to play several instruments and set up a small home studio where I write, produce and master all of my music. My main focus is on video game music. I’m able to produce interesting yet unobtrusive tunes that fit a variety of moods. As a programmer I also know about the technical details on how to get music and sounds into a game.
My style can best be described as a mixture of acoustic and electronic music. I always try to bring together the best of both worlds, so I’m able to work in a broad variety of musical styles with professional sounding results. To get an idea of what my music sounds like, please have a look at my portfolio.

Game Development

I had my first programming experiences in the early nineties on the Commodore 64 and the Amiga. I’ve always been interested in all aspects of game development since then and worked on many freeware games in various roles. My first commercial indie game has been released in 2015. I have experience with different programming languages, most notably Python and C++. Over the years I have used many different game engines and finally settled on Godot for my own projects. I also enjoy creating 3D models, animations and pixel art a lot, though I’m not a professional graphic artist.