About meDenis

My name is Denis Comtesse, and I’m a musician, composer and video game developer. My main fields of activity are:

  • Composition and Music Production
  • Music and Sound for video games
  • Programming
  • Game Development


I have more than 15 years of experience in composition and music production. Over the years, I learnt to play several instruments and built up a small homestudio where I write, produce and master all of my music. My main focus is on video game music. I’m able to produce interesting yet unobtrusive tunes that fit a variety of moods. As a programmer I also know about the technical details on how to get the music into a game.
My style can best be described as a mixture of acoustic and electronic music. I always try to bring together the best of both worlds, so I’m able to work in a broad variety of musical styles with professional sounding results. To get an idea of what my music sounds like, please have a look at my portfolio.


My other main interest is programming and game development. I had my first programming experiences in the early nineties on the good old Commodore Amiga. Since then, I’ve always been interested in all aspects of game development.
I have some experience with programming languages like C++, Python and various game engines. I also like to do 3D modelling and pixel art, though I’m not a professional graphic artist.