About meDenis

Hi there! My name is Denis Comtesse, and I’m a musician and video game developer.

My main fields of activity are:

  • Game Development
  • Composition and Music Production
  • Programming


I’m an experienced composer and my main focus is on video game music. I’ve written music for over a dozen games, both commercial and freeware.
My style can best be described as a mixture of acoustic and electronic music. I always try to bring together the best of both worlds, so I’m able to work in a broad variety of musical styles with professional sounding results. To get an idea of what my music sounds like, please have a look at my portfolio.

Game Development

I’m interested in all aspects of game development, and as a result I’ve worked on games in many different roles as a designer, programmer, musician, sound designer and artist. Over the years I have used many different game engines and programming languages. For my own projects I usually use the Godot engine. I also enjoy creating pixel art,  3D models and animations, but I’m not a professional artist.