Project Portfolio


Rogue State (2015)
Rogue State is a satirical government simulation game, which I developed together with Ryan Hewer (Little Red Dog Games). It blends elements from turn-based strategy games, economy simulations and adventure games.

FLAW   (2009-2012)
FLAW is a free multiplayer action game, currently available for Windows and Linux. It started out as an attempt to learn C++ and SDL back in 2009.


Game Soundtracks:

The Unprintable Magenta   by Fitz (2015)
The Visitor 3   by NickyNyce (2015)
Mess Goblins   by Dropped Monocle Games (2015)
Goat Herd and the Gods   by Dropped Monocle Games (2014)
Blue Lobe Inc. by Baron (2014)
What the f–k happened!?   by Pascal Wibe (2014)
Conspirocracy   by Little Red Dog Games (2013)
Legends of Mardaram   by Tobias Schmitt (2006)