Author: denis

Rogue State is now on Steam Greenlight!

After a lot of hard work, Rogue State is finally on Steam Greenlight! Rogue State is a satirical strategy/simulation game that I’m developing together with Ryan Hewer of Little Red Dog Games and our amazing artist Derek Restivo. It’s been in development for one year, and we’re currently running the beta test.
We’re all very excited about this game, and so far the response to our Greenlight campaign has been great.

Here’s the official Trailer for Rogue State:

So if you have a Steam account, please consider voting for our game and help us get on Steam.


“The Visitor 3” released!

NickyNyce has finally released The Visitor 3!

It was great fun to compose the music for this game, because the low-key dark electronic style he requested is right up my alley. Nicky did a great job with this game. The attention to detail is amazing, and despite the cartoony feel the story gets surprisingly creepy and tense. If you’re into point-and-click adventure games, you should check this little gem out. And as usual, you can also download the soundtrack.

Website update and recent projects

Hi everybody!
It’s about time that I write another blog post. As you can see, I’ve updated the layout of my website and blog. I switched to a responsive theme, so it should be easier to navigate on mobile devices now. Of course I also have some news on game-related projects:

A few weeks ago, Dropped Monocle Games have released a new short game for the MAGS competition, and once again I had the pleasure to write some music for it. The game is called Mess Goblins, and it’s very funny, very cute, full of great animations and surprisingly long for game that has been developed in just one month. If you like adventure games, you should check it out. And if you like the music, you can find it in my music portfolio.

I’ve also written the soundtrack for NickyNyce’s new game The Visitor 3. It will be released very soon, it’s going to be free, and it’s going to be amazing. Nicky has outdone himself on this game.