Working on new projects

Hi everybody,

it’s been a while since my last Blog post, and a lot has happened since then. The release of Rogue State went really well, and we got a lot of great feedback that helped us improve the game. After several big updates, Rogue State has become a much bigger game than we originally planned, but now it’s time to move on to new projects…


Little Red Dog Games

Once again I’ve teamed up with Ryan Hewer and started work on a brand new game. I won’t give much away at this point, but it will be different from our previous games. This time it won’t be a political game, and the most important difference will be that most of the action happens in real time. There will be some familiar elements that you may know from Rogue State. The dark and sometimes silly humour, a bit of randomness, perma-death, and it will definitely share the same feeling of being really screwed. But the gameplay itself will be a completely different thing. We’re switching from AGS to the amazing Godot Game Engine for this project, which allows us to be more ambitious with the graphics, and it allows us to port the game to many different platforms, including mobile devices. And once again it will feature some amazing artwork by Derek Restivo. Here’s a (work in progress) screenshot:



Zid & Zniw Chronicles: Zniw Adventure

I’m currently writing the soundtrack for this cute adventure game that features fantastic hand-drawn animations. The soundtrack will feature many catchy acoustic tunes, and it’s great fun to write and record music for this game. I’ll upload one or two preview tracks from this game to my portfolio soon. Here’s a screenshot:



Dropped Monocle Games

I’ve been writing music for Dropped Monocle for a few short adventure games in the past, but this year I joined them as an “official” team member, responsible for engine programming and music. Similar to Little Red Dog Games we’re planning to switch from AGS to Godot, so I have written a complete point & click adventure framework in Godot that will give us more freedom in developing high quality 2D adventure games that run on many different platforms. This framework has to be the most complex thing I have ever coded, but I am proud to tell you that – so far – it’s working like charm and allows us to create content much faster than before. We’re currently working on a HD remake of one of our older games, to test the engine, fix any bugs we find and adjust the engine to our needs. If this works well, we might start work on a full-length game afterwards.

So as you can see, I am more than busy right now, with quite a few new projects in the works. Exciting times!

One more week!

Hi everybody!

Exciting times are ahead. Rogue State will launch on Steam on October 16th – just one more week!
So head over to Steam and have a look at our trailer and screenshots: