Project Portfolio

A selection of the project that I’ve worked on, both as a programmer and composer.


Rogue State Revolution (2021)
The Sequel to Rogue State, developed with Little Red Dog Games and published by Modern Wolf.

Precipice (2019)
Turn-based geopolitical strategy game, developed with Little Red Dog Games.

Master Pyrox Wizard Smackdown (2018)
Arcade-style multiplayer game for up to 8 players, and the spiritual successor of my older game FLAW. Originally started as a solo project, it eventually turned into a collaboration with my friends at Dropped Monocle Games.

Deep Sixed (2018)
Deep Sixed is a space survival adventure with action, simulation and puzzle elements, developed with Little Red Dog Games.

Rogue State (2015)
Rogue State is a satirical government simulation game, which I developed together with Ryan Hewer (Little Red Dog Games). It blends elements from turn-based strategy games, economy simulations and adventure games.


Game Soundtracks:

Rogue State Revolution – Little Red Dog Games 2021
Zniw Adventure – Azure Mountain 2020
Master Pyrox Wizard Smackdown – Dropped Monocle Games 2018
Deep Sixed Little Red Dog Games 2018
The Unprintable Magenta – FiTZ 2015
Rogue State – Little Red Dog Games 2015
The Visitor 3 – NickyNyce 2015
Mess Goblins – Dropped Monocle Games 2015
Goat Herd and the Gods – Dropped Monocle Games 2014
Blue Lobe Inc. – Baron 2014
What the f–k happened!? – Pascal Wibe 2014
Conspirocracy – Little Red Dog Games 2013