“Rogue State” announced!

Earlier this year I’ve teamed up with Ryan Hewer of Little Red Dog Games to develop a new game. I had so much fun writing the soundtrack for his game “Conspirocracy” that I didn’t think twice when he asked me if I wanted to be part of a new project.

And now we’re finally able to announce this new project: Rogue State will be a “despot simulator”. It’s actually a mixture of genres – mostly a turn-based strategy game, with some economy simulation and certain adventure game elements, such as character interaction and a strong narrative element. It’s not supposed to be a realistic simulation – we’re aiming for a challenging and fun game with lots of dark humour.

But this time, my role is a little different than usual. “Rogue State” is a two man project right from the start, with Ryan and me working out the concept and doing most of the work on our own. This means I am involved in all aspects of the development – including game design, code and graphics.
Currently I’m very busy with coding (mostly game logic), 3D characters and animation, and I’m very excited about it!  Of course I’ll also write the soundtrack for this game, but this will happen at a later stage. The team will grow over time, but we intend to keep it small. Currently we are working with two amazing artists who help us with background and comic art.

Although we have made great progress over the last three months, we’re still at an early stage. We’re aiming for a release in mid-late 2015. We’ll keep you posted on our progress, so keep an eye on our websites and twitter accounts!